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29 July, 2018

Amy’s Cheesy Potato and Bacon Salad

Amy’s Cheesy Potato and Bacon Salad
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Serves: 6 Ingredients: ½  a cup of cheddar cheese, ¼ cup of sweet relish, 1 dill pickle, chopped 4 eggs, hardboiled, peeled and chopped ¼ cup of chopped onion, 6 slices of bacon…chop bacon really small cuz it gets chewy ¼ teaspoon Paprika, 2 teaspoons salt, ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper, Parsley, chopped Garlic to taste
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18 October, 2014

Crock Pot Chicken with Lemons or Oranges

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Serves 4 – 6: Ingredients: 1 fresh (not frozen) whole fryer chicken, about 5 pounds 1 or 2 lemons or oranges, sliced in half Preparation: Remove giblets from chicken. Remove additional fat from around the cavity opening. Rinse chicken if desired. Place chicken in rectangular or oblong shaped slow cooker/crockpot. Don’t bother to tie the
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1 January, 2011

Hello Foodies!

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We wanted to have a place for our recipes and a way for us to write little stories about where we got the recipe or when we serve that particular food and little tidbits of our family traditions. We also love to try a tried and true recipe that our friends like or claim as
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