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Copycat Fresh Alfredo Sauce for Pasta

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Serves: 4 – 6

3 tablespoons sweet butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 cups heavy cream
¼ teaspoon white pepper
½ cup Parmesan cheese, grated
¾ cup mozzarella cheese, grated
1  box (12 ounce) angel hair pasta or pasta of your choice

Melt butter in medium saucepan with olive oil over medium/low heat.

Add the garlic, heavy cream, and white pepper. Slowly bring mixture to a simmer.

Stir often.

Add the Parmesan cheese and simmer sauce over low heat for 8 – 10 minutes or until sauce has thickened and is smooth.

When sauce has thickened, add the Mozzarella cheese in small amounts and stir until smooth. STIR FREQUENTLY.

While the sauce cooks, boil your choice of pasta noodles for 5 – 10 minutes.

Place pasta on serving plates and spoon sauce over pasta.

This basic sauce easily accepts a variety of additions immediately before the Mozarella cheese, such as small broccoli florets, sliced mushrooms, roasted red peppers, or cashews.

If you would like to add white wine to this recipe, use a dry white wine. Add the wine as the first step with with the garlic and reduce, then add the cream and reduce, then add the butter and Parmesan cheese.

½ cup Asiago can be substituted for the Mozarella.

Copycat recipe based Olive Garden Restaurant’s Alfredo sauce.

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